KN-RESIDENCE | Renovation | 2016


和室・押入・襖・真壁造りの間仕切壁を変更し、LIVINGから天井いっぱいの引き戸で開放的かつフラットにつながるBED ROOMと、その先には既存の収納も納まるWALK IN CLOSETを造りました。

鉄筋コンクリート ラーメン構造特有の可変不可能な梁を利用したライン状の間接照明が空間力を高め、より開放的に感じさせます。





Renovation of  the old apartment  at low price.

It changed the partition wall, closet, sliding door, wall by making of Japanese style room, and newly built a WALK-IN CLOSET that accommodates existing storage as well as BED ROOM which is open and flat with sliding doors full of ceiling from the LIVING ROOM.

Line-shaped indirect lighting using variable non-adjustable beams made by  reinforced concrete  structure makes the space more comfortable and makes it feel like open-minded.

LDK has an order counter and an off-the-shelf decorative shelf and installed so as to combine the work efficiency and storage of flow lines and housework.

With limited space and budget, I planned both the functional aspects that do not make them feel stress in their daily life, The design side to decorate as an interior, and the space that combines both, 

Overall interior atmosphere was finished in a stylish space based on monotone, According to the taste of the client couple.

They liked the image perspective I suggested in advance and asked for interior coordination as well.